How to resize Citrix PVS vDisk

After sometimes, vDisk might fill up due to certain situations, so in such circumstances you might need to increase the size of the vDisk (50GB to 60GB). In this article, I will describe and show how to resize your PVS vDisk using a simple process which requires no extra software..

Note: Take a backup of your vDisk (.vhd)

Open Comand Prompt or Powershell and get Diskpart

On Diskpart enter "Select vDisk file="

Enter "List vDisk"to check if the vDisk has been added or not. 

After that Expand the vDisk by using following query "expand vDisk maximum=61440 (in Mb)". The size should be in "MB"

On Diskpart enter "attach vDisk" to attach it.  Type "list disk" to check if the vDisk has been attached.

Type "List Volume" to see what are the available volumes 

Type "Select Volume 3" the vDisk which you want to resize and enter "Extend" to extend the vDisk.
Note: The number of the vDisk you want to resize

Now the vDisk has been extended to verify type "List Volume" to see the status. after checking the status. Type "Detach" to detach the vDisk.

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Do I need to disconnect all the devices from the vDisk? before i perform I extend the disk


I just did it...Seems no ;>)


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