Xen Server Failed to Import VHD

Does any one of you need to import VHD Images to XenServer using Xen Center?

When attempting to import a virtual hard drive image or package (vmdk, vhd, ofv, ova etc) to XenServer using XenCenter you might encounter an error which says nothing but: IMPORT FAILED ! 

After spending a lot of time studying this fact,I finally found that you need to have removed the imported machines and installed a bash script called "TransferVM".This is a Virtual Machine which actually handles the transfer and this is not installed by default or can be corrupted. To resolve this issue you will have to run bashscript  with XenServer,this is called TransferVM.This must be run in order to install this Transfer Virtual Machine.

In my case the transfer VM was corrupted so I had to delete and re-install it.

How to Solve:g

Select View -> Hidden Objects on the XenCenter. (This will show you hidden objects, such as Transfer objects).

Find any failed imported machines, then right click on them and delete.

Now you should find a XenServer Transfer VM X.X.X-X. Right click on it and delete it.

On the Xen Server Console Type the following Commands with no quotes:

"cd /opt/xensource/packages/files/transfer-vm"


Thanks a lot for sharing this information.
You have saved my life. I was stucked in the same place.


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